Monday, February 8, 2010

Ikablog is born!

While I'm sure the stories of this epic moment will be told for generations, I should probably start by answering one important question:

Why blog about Ikariam?

I have played Ikariam for around two years now, and have yet to grow tired of the game. It has its ups and downs, certainly. But as a slow paced casual game it doesn't take up much of my time during the day, and so it seems less prone to burnout.

As an active member of my alliance, I enjoy helping out the newer players and discussing theory and strategy with the veterans. With other games such as WoW, I have enjoyed the higher level discussions provided by blogs such as Tobold's blog and Big Red Kitty. To my knowledge, no such blog exists to for Ikariam. While I consider Wikikariam to be an invaluable resource for information, it doesn't quite fit the bill for talking theory.

So I've decided to throw my hat into the arena and make the blog myself. I'm aiming for moderate to higher level discussion, so while that will sometimes require discussing the basics I expect that it will often be over the heads of less experienced players. Well, you can't please everyone!

I hope you enjoy Ikablog!

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